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What is KnitPerfect.com?

KnitPerfect.com is a website that lets you create professional-looking patterns for knitting projects and cross-stitch projects.
Right now, creating and using patterns is completely free!
Anyone can create these patterns with our easy to use software.
Learn how to create your own custom knitting and cross-stitching patterns.

Also, we maintain a collection of community collaborated patterns.
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We just released our software to the public! To celebrate, for a limited time we are offering everything completely free. There's no catches, but please be aware that in a few months we may ask for professionals to pay a subscription fee. Of course, there is no obligation to purchase at any time. Our goal is to get lots of feedback so we can improve KnitPerfect.com and help you make and use knitting patterns.
Learn more about the free trial period.

Start creating your own patterns now!
What are you waiting for? It's free so give it a try now. It's fun and easy to make beautiful patterns.

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All of our patterns are free, so browse and search to jump-start your creativity.
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